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Keynote Speakers



Marcy Klevorn is executive vice president and president of Mobility, Ford Motor Company, effective June 1, 2017. In this role, she is responsible for overseeing Ford Smart Mobility LLC, which was formed last year to accelerate the company's plans to design, build, grow and invest in emerging mobility services, as well as Information Technology and Global Data, Insight and Analytics. She reports to Jim Hackett, Ford president and CEO. Previously, Klevorn was group vice president, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, a position to which she was named in January 2015 when she also was elected a Ford Motor Company officer. In this role, she has overseen the complete transformation of the company's IT tools and talent to put Ford in the forefront of technology companies globally. Klevorn has spent her entire Ford career in IT, serving in a variety of positions in The Americas, Ford of Europe and Ford Credit. She joined Ford in 1983 in Telecommunications Services and worked at various positions within Ford IT and Ford Credit through 2004. In 2005, she was appointed Product Lifecycle Management global director and implemented process changes in data and information management across product creation. In 2006, as Enterprise Defragmentation director, Klevorn led the strategy and implementation of infrastructure defragmentation, data center consolidation and overall systems management at Ford. From May 2006 through September 2011, she led Ford IT Operations. From September 2011 through September 2013, Klevorn served as IT Director for Ford of Europe, and was a member of the Ford of Europe Operating Committee. She then was named Director, Office of the CIO, responsible for managing Ford's global IT business applications, architecture, data centers, web-hosting requirements, engineering and infrastructure services. Klevorn holds seats on the boards of Lawrence Technological University and Pivotal, a cloud-based software technology leader. She was born in 1959 and earned a bachelor's degree in business from the University of Michigan, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Sarah Myers, MPH, RN

Improvement Director, ImproveCareNow, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Sarah Myers is Executive Improvement Director of the ImproveCareNow Learning Health System and lead Quality Improvement Consultant at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. ImproveCareNow is a 2016 Drucker Prize winning community that is working to transform the health, care and costs for all children and adolescents with Inflammatory Bowel Disease by building a sustainable collaborative chronic care network. Sarah develops and implements innovative strategies aimed at the meaningful engagement and distributed leadership of all partners in the community, including parents, patients, clinicians, and researchers. She also designs strategies that enable successful scale up, continuous learning, and improvement in patient outcomes. She has nearly two decades of experience leading local, regional, and national research and quality improvement efforts related to public health, chronic illness, and patient safety at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and RAND.


Download the complete program at the "Program Details" link below. Presentations and Poster Sessions are scheduled on Friday September 15th and Saturday September 16th. To accommodate all the submissions, there are five paper sessions. Sessions are divided into separate 15-minute slots for presentations.

Download Program Details

Download Workshops Details (September 15th)

Thursday September 14th


C4C industry workshop (by invitation)


Opening Reception – Detroit Institute of Arts (Download Map)

Friday September 15th






Keynote - Marcy Klevorn


Paper Session

Industry Track (Chair: Hauke Fuehres)

Yuhong Zhou, Peter A. Gloor and Stephanie L. Woerner. Resilience through collaborative networks in emerging economies: evidence from Chinese venture capital (Download Pdf)

Kyle Nakamoto, Ken Riopelle, Julia Gluesing, Saju Malayil and Nabil Raad. Developing analytical insights for understanding the environment necessary for a COINs framework (Download Pdf)

Scott Boylston, Mark Fitzpatrick and Dave Miller. Reinvigorating a Culture of Re-use through Multi-stakeholder Collaboration (Download Pdf)

Mingxian Wang, Zhenghui Sha, Yun Huang, J. Sophia Fu, Yan Fu, Noshir Contractor and Wei Chen. Data-Driven Vehicle Preference Modeling and Prediction: A Multidimensional Network Analysis Approach (Download Pdf)


Coffee break


Paper Session

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Track (Chair: Christine Miller)

Beth Hadley, Peter A. Gloor, Stephanie L. Woerner and Yuhong Zhou. Analyzing VC Influence on Startup Success: They Might Not Be Good For You (Download Pdf)

Weslynne Ashton, Andre Nogueira and Carlos Teixeira. Repurposing vacated spaces in post-industrial cities (Download Pdf)

Jacob Leppek, Jen Bruen and John Schweitzer. Resilient Community and Economic Development through Collaborative Innovation Networks (Download Pdf)

Peter Praeder, Gloria Volkmann and Peter Gloor. Analyzing the Evolution of World Cultures through Epic Stories: From Gilgamesh to Games of Thrones (Download Pdf)


Lunch Break


Parallel Workshops

Pascal Budner, Joscha Eirich and Peter Gloor - Measuring and Increasing the Happiness of COINs with the Happimeter  (Download Description)

Kavya Davuluri and Sergio Rodriguez - Optimizing Impact: Why Not Me?

Haruka Mori, Norihiko Kimura and Takashi Iba - Generating Societal Vision based on the Social Systems Theory


Coffee break


Interactive posters

Bharat Maheshwari and Diane A. Isabelle - Resilience through academic Collaborative Innovation Networks: the case of Canada Research Chairs (Download Pdf)

Marcy Hessling O'Neil, Sandrine Chikou and Judith Vlafonou - WhatsApp Doc? Using COINs in class (Download Pdf)

Shannon Dare - Using Email to Map Collaboration Over Time to Improve Product Development Performance (Download Pdf)

Davide Aloini, Alessandro Stefanini, Peter Gloor, Riccardo Dulmin, Valeria Mininno, Luisa Pellegrini, Elisabetta Benevento, Matteo Ghilli, Carlo Milli, Marco Nerattini, Gabriella Pellegrini, Marzio Privato, Manuela Roncella and Carlo Tomassini - Interactions and Performance in Healthcare Teams: The Case of AUOP Brest Unit (Download Pdf)

Francesca Grippa, John Bucuvalas, Andrea Booth, Evaline Alessandrini and Andrea Fronzetti Colladon - Supporting Collaborative Health Care Teams through Knowledge Mapping (Download Pdf)

Nabil Raad and Kyle Nakamoto Raad - The Impact of Virtual Mirroring on Collaboration Patterns and Project Performance (Download Pdf)

Stephen Thorpe and Leanne Bint - Protecting New Zealand Native Birds: An Investigation into Founder Motivations of the Squawk Squad Collaborative Innovation Network (Download Pdf)


Conference dinner at the Ford Rouge Factory (buses will leave from the Conference Center)

Saturday September 16th






Keynote - Sarah Myers


Paper Session

Education Track (Chair: Maria Paasivaara)

Jacqueline P Verrilli, Christine Z Miller and Nik Rokop. Enhancing Social and Intellectual Collaboration in Innovation Networks: A Study of Entrepreneurial Networks in an Urban Technological University (Download Pdf)

Allen Batteau, Siobhan Gregory, Maria Roti and Craig Meiners. Business Anthropology as Collaboration (Download Pdf)

Yang Song, Matthäus Zylka and Peter Gloor. "German Association or Chinese Emperor?" Building COINs Between China and Germany (Download Pdf)

Masafumi Nagai and Takashi Iba. Consideration of the Possibilities of Open Dialogue Patterns: through Creating and Performing the Learning Program of Dialogue (Download Pdf)


Coffee break


Paper Session

Healthcare Track (Chair: Davide Aloini)

Davide Aloini, Peter Gloor and Alessandro Stefanini. Interactions and Performance of Surgery Teams: a sociometric approach (Download Pdf)

Peter Gloor and Francesca Grippa. Creating Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs) to Reduce Infant Mortality (Download Pdf)

Antonio Capodieci, Pascal Budner, Joscha Eirich, Peter Gloor and Luca Mainetti. Dynamically Adapting the Environment for Elderly People Through Smartwatch-based Mood Detection (Download Pdf)

Namino Sakama, Haruka Mori and Takashi Iba. Creative Systems Analysis of Design Thinking Process (Download Pdf)


Lunch Break


Paper Session

Social Innovation Track

Norihiko Kimura, Haruka Mori, Yuzuki Oka, Wataru Murakami, Rio Nitta and Takashi Iba. The Method of Generating Societal Vision based on the Social Systems Theory (Download Pdf)

John Ziker and Karen Fulk. Indigenous Siberian Food Sharing Networks: Social Innovation in a Transforming Economy (Download Pdf)

Joao Marcos de Oliveira and Peter Gloor. GalaxyScope – Finding the "Truth of Tribes" on Social Media (Download Pdf)

Takashi Iba. Peer Learning with Pattern Languages (Download Pdf)


Coffee break


Interactive posters

Takashi Iba, Masafumi Nagai, Tsuyoshi Ishida and Ayaka Yoshikawa - Open Dialogue as Coupling of Psychic, Social, and Creative Systems (Download Pdf)

Sarah Stanske and Markus Vodosek - From Being to Becoming: The Interplay Between Internal Network Dynamics and Organizational Identity (Download Pdf)

Marius Stein and Peter Gloor - Using smartwatch-based body sensors to measure creativity and performance in COINs (Download Pdf)

Konomi Munakata, Shuichiro Ando and Takashi Iba - Future Story as An Additional Method of Future Language Creation (Download Pdf)

Aleksandra Przegalinska, Leon Ciechanowski, Mikolaj Magnuski and Peter Gloor - Muse headband: Measuring Tool or a Collaborative Gadget? (Download Pdf)

Xin Wang and Peter A. Gloor - Wuity as Higher Cognition Binding Intuitive and Deliberate Judgments for Creativity—Analyzing Elon Musk's Way to Innovate (Download Pdf)

Jing Deng. Jacobs' Externalities:Where We Have Been and Where We Might Go in Studying How Urbanization Externalities Affect Innovation (Download Pdf)

Qi Wen - Identifying the Collaboration Relationships in COINs from Photos (Download Pdf)

Sunday September 17th


Detroit River Cruise (Pre-Registration Required)

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Sept 15th: Dinner and Tour of the Ford Rouge Factory (Included)- Register

Sept 17th: Private river cruise (Optional)- Register

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collaborative innovation networks, or COINs, are cyberteams of self-motivated people with a collective vision, to innovatively collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and work enabled by technology.

COINs are powered by swarm creativity, wherein people work together in a structure that enables a fluid creation and exchange of ideas. Patterns of collaborative innovation frequently follow an identical path, from creator to COIN to collaborative learning network (CLN) to collaborative interest network (CIN).

program committee

Antonio Capodieci
university of salento, Italy

Jana Diesner
university of illinois urbana-champaign, usa

Kai Fischbach
university of bamberg, germany

Ionna Lykourentzou
centre de recherche public henri tudor, luxembourg

Yoshiaki Matsuzawa
shizuoka university, japan

Takis Metaxas
wellesley college, usa

Keiichi Nemoto
fuji xerox, japan

Detlef Schoder
cologne university, germany

Yang Song
jilin university, changchun, china

Tsvi Vinig
university of amsterdam, netherlands

steering committee

Davide Aloini (track chair)
university of pisa, italy

Andrea Fronzetti Colladon
tor vergata university, italy

Hauke Fuehres (track chair)
university of bamberg, germany

Cristobal Garcia
pontificia universidad católica de chile, chile

Peter Gloor
massachusetts institute of technology, usa

Julia Gluesing (local organizing chair)
wayne state university, usa

Francesca Grippa (program chair)
northeastern university, USA

Takashi Iba
keio university, japan

Casper Lassenius
aalto university, finland

Joao Leitao
University of Beira Interior, Portugal

Matthaeus Zylka
university of bamberg, germany

Christine Miller (track chair)
illinois institute of technology stuart school of business, usa

Maria Paasivaara (track chair)
aalto university, finland

Ken Riopelle (local organizing chair)
wayne state university, usa